A Visit to Nesso

Nesso is a small village town that is situated on the outskirts of the city of Como. This city lies midway between Como and Bellagio. The city has a very sparse density of population and greenery all around it. This place is best suited for those in search for some peace and solace.

Reaching Nesso

The city is remotely connected to the rest of the country. There is limited connectivity to this village town but there are a number of places and attractions that must be checked out once you come here. You can reach here only by bus or boat.

Buses are commonly operated by a number of private bus operators from the major cities of Italy. Besides this, C30 Bus Line is a dedicated bus service that is run especially for this city. The service has a frequency of one hour and is operated from all the major cities of Italy. You can know more about this service from its official website.

Boats are another way to reach this city. There are a number of ferries and boats on Lake Como which allows passengers from move to and from this city. Since this city is small and sparsely populated, the service of ferries is pretty erratic and irregular. You can know more about the schedule and frequency from the website of Navigazione.

Attractions in Nesso

There are a number of places and attractions that are worth checking out in Nesso. There are a number of guide agencies that would help you in exploring the city better. Some of the places that are worth visiting in Nesso include Ponte Roma and The Castle.

Ponte Roma is a roman bridge that was build the time of Renaissance and provide you some of the best and stunning views of the city and its surroundings. This bridge is situated about 300 steps above the road.

The Castle is another interesting place to see and explore. This place is made in the Roman and gothic style of architecture and thus is a treat to watch.

There are a number of local markets and shop where you can hang out with your friends. The local markets serve local delicacies and exclusive Italian cuisine which is a must try. There are weekly markets which are organized on a particular day of the week where you can buy cheap duplicates of some of the best brands in the world. There are a number of designer boutiques and parlors where you can consider paying a visit.